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  • Along the you way , you’ll see what you’re looking for”
    I am the type of person that does not like socializing people face to face , even if the people are somewhat related to me . I’m always staying in…More
  • The Carabao incident”
    The hot weather is natural here in our country . Sometimes to the level that any different animals love to swim. Especially the Carabao in my case we have a…More
  • ‘How to not infected by the covid 19 as possible’
    As the government said that covid cases is growing rapidly and the government are very strict the different protocols that they implemented still a some of people are stubborn. They…More
  • Info. About Me
    my name is lea jane tiate . i am a girl that born from parasaan molave z.d.s on august 26 ,2001 as a seventh of nine siblings. my father’s name…More